Do the Work Challenge

21 Days of Mindset, Movement,
Nutrition & Recovery

10th September - 1st October

Do the Work Challenge Pillars


Mindset is the foundation of any lifestyle change and is key to achieving your goals. During the challenge we support you in cultivating a positive mindset through workshops and activities, so you can better cope with stress and overcome life's hurdles.


You will be challenged and guided to incorporate regular physical activity into your daily routine to help you build strength, improve your cardiovascular health, and enhance your mental wellbeing.


Throught the challenge we will support you in eating a balanced and nourishing diet to help fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to function optimally, boost your energy levels, and support your overall wellbeing.


Recovery is just as important as training and is a key principle of the challenge. We will support you to incorporate different strategies into your daily routine to reduce the risk of injury, stress and burnout, and optimise performance.


  • Goal Setting & Support on Mindset, Movement, Nutrition & Recovery
  • Therapy Challenge Journal 
  • Therapy Special Edition Challenge Tank Top & ‘Emotional Baggage’ Sweat Bag
  • 3 x Challenge Workshops & Activities
  • Therapy ‘Before & After’ Stress & Mood Score
  • End of Challenge Celebration & Challenge Prize Hamper including Lululemon Fit Session

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Challenge Registration

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Second payment taken 17/9/23 in week 2.

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