Therapy Fest 2023

20th-25th November

For 1 week only, we are turning our studio into a week long Music Festival.

Join us as our 3 workout arenas become festival stages.

Our group workouts are themed with your favourite artists.

And live performers showcase their talents during special classes.

The Stages

Electric Eden

Welcome to Electric Eden. Your gateway to an unforgettable musical journey with a lineup of top-tier electronic artists.

Temple of Sound

Step into the sacred realm of the Temple of Sound, where music becomes a spiritual experience for the body, mind and soul.

Club Paradiso

A place where the music never stops, and the energy is infectious. Club Paradiso is your destination for an epic night of pulsating rhythms and endless celebration.

Certain classes throughout Therapy Fest will include a live performance. Whether it be a DJ dropping beats in RunLift or a sound healer taking you on a musical journey in our Hot Pilates space, Connect. Check the class schedule for the highlighted live performances throughout the week. 

All classes throughout the entire week will be themed. Check out the festival line up and make sure you book your class with your favourite artists!

We are transforming the studio into our own festival world. Think wristbands, savvy shots, and other surprises throughout the week!

Take a class and experience the magic of our incredible instructor team. Let their expertise elevate your fitness journey and empower you to become the best version of you.

At Therapy Fest, we cherish and celebrate the incredible supportive community that defines our festival experience. Here, we’re more than just attendees; we’re a tight-knit family of like-minded souls who understand the power of togetherness.

To finish off Therapy Fest we will be heading to Carafe Wine Bar in Southport to celebrate Therapy turning one! Join us for an afternoon of celebration on an incredible first year. 

Get Your Therapy Fest 2023 Pass

Therapy Fest 2023
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Unlimited Classes.
Valid 20th-26th November.

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Access to 1 x Therapy Class.
Valid 20th-25th November.


The Lineup