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Welcome to Therapy


We recognise that showing up is the hardest part of starting anything new. But don’t stress – we have you supported every step of the way; whether it’s your 1st or 101st time.

Below you will find our top tips to help you fully connect into the therapy experience and to ensure that your first time runs as smoothly as possible.

We always recommend arriving early for class! However, if it’s your first time, aim to get here 15 minutes before to ensure we deliver the full Therapy experience.

You will be met by one of our friendly reception team who will show you around and familiarise you with what to do each and every visit.

They will introduce you to your instructor (or 'Therapist') who will take you into the space before everyone else, so you can understand the set up for that particular class.

Refuelling is important after any workout, and we’ve got you covered. Pre order one of our post-workout smoothies and have it waiting for you after your class has finished.

Therapy is a community of likeminded people. Be sure to say hello to those around you – we love new faces!

At Therapy, we want to make life easy. We’ve got you covered, from your cycle shoes and yoga mats, to fluffy bath towels for the shower. The most important thing you need to bring is YOU!

Hydration. Our workouts are going to make you SWEAT, so getting in that H2O is vital – before and after class. We have the water fountain; you bring the vessel (but we also have water cartons for purchase). Electrolyte drinks will also be available for purchase should you need to replenish after a hard workout.

We’re pretty flexible at Therapy, we just want you to wear what you feel most comfortable to sweat in.

We suggest your favourite active wear and kicks for RunLift. We will provide shoes for Cycle and the Connect space is barefoot.

If you aren’t sure, we have a range of awesome Therapy merch you can buy in the studio or online. Every piece is designed specifically to have you looking and feeling good.  


At Therapy, we don’t have many rules but we do have strong values that we’re sure you’ll align with:

Our studios are a NO PHONE zone. Our philosophy is to allow you to disconnect, so you can reconnect. We politely ask phones to be left in lockers, so that bright lights or ring tones don’t disturb you or your fellow members’ experience – don’t worry, there’s plenty of time for a sweaty selfie after class.

Starting and finishing classes on time is an important part of the Therapy experience. First timers: Please arrive 15 minutes before your class start time so that we can set you up correctly, if you do not arrive with adequate time for class prep, you may not be permitted into the class. Regular members: We ask you to arrive at least 5 minutes early for class. Doors will close at class start time and latecomers won’t be permitted to enter once class has started.

We respect that everyone is on their own journey, so we guarantee respect and zero judgement. We ask the same from you towards our community and staff.

We are committed to creating the BEST environment for all of our members when it comes to hygiene and safety. We ask you to do the same by minimising strong odours/scents and feeling your freshest as you walk through the doors.

At Therapy you’ll find us on mission to reduce single use plastic, harmful chemicals in our products and using recycled products where we can. We politely request you attempt the same (bring that keep cup for smoothie addiction) all in the name of this little green spinning ball we live on!

Please provide 12 hours notice if you are going to cancel or change a class booking. This allows time for other people to book a spot in the class. Please note, this includes transferring from one class to another. Late cancellation penalties apply.

Important things to know:


We all know that sometimes life get in the way and we have to cancel our favourite class. However, we ask where possible to cancel within 12 hours to allow time for another person to take your spot. Those who cancel later than 12 hours or no-show to class will be charged a visit for the class – unlimited members will be charged a fee.


We love to spoil you with everything our studio has to offer. Please note that our towels, shoes and change room facilities are property of Therapy and to ensure all members get to enjoy them, please check your bags before leaving to ensure you don’t take anything home with you. 


Please note, we cannot take responsibility of your possessions. Please ensure valuables are locked away in one of our lockers or stored in your car.


Put simply – BE NICE.

The aim of anti-bullying is to ensure members can train in a supportive, caring and safe environment, without fear of being bullied or hassled. Bullying is anti-social behaviour that affects everyone; it is unacceptable.


As much as our reception staff love a cuddle, we cannot be responsible for any of your possessions, including dependants. Please note, we cannot accommodate children or animals at the studio.