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Our classes

It doesn’t get easier.
You get Stronger.

RUN towards greatness

Break the CYCLE

CONNECT and recentre

At Therapy we have three signature classes to help sweat out what’s weighing you down. 

 Each class format has been curated to not only deliver on results, but also create a positive shift in your mental wellbeing. 

Looking to ‘do the work’ and build resilience? Head into our RunLift room.

Want a feeling of excitement & euphoria? Cycle is the space for you.

Searching for stability and introspection? Let’s meet on the mat in Connect

Our Studio


When you get the perfect combination of music, motivation and movement your body releases a cocktail of feel good hormones – leaving you feeling better walking out of class than when you walked in!

Our instructors are trained to curate powerful playlists with your favourite tunes in mind. Let our state of the art sound systems and addictive beats take you on an immersive journey, you’ll be left wondering if you just worked out or went to a music festival!

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Every aspect of our classes have been designed to create the ultimate immersive experience. Every light, mirror, speaker and candle has its place and purpose to bring the full Therapy experience to you everytime you walk through our doors.


The proper nutrition is vital to keeping you healthy inside and out. Pre-order a delicious smoothie from our bar and have it ready and waiting for you as soon as you finish your class! Give your brain an additional boost with our range of nootropics.


Choose from a selection of guided walks, runs and meditations so that when life gets busy you can still get your daily dose of Therapy.

Simply login to our app to access the entire library (members/class pass holders only).