Therapy Fitness

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Strip it all away and meet yourself on the mat; a space where lights are dim, limits are pushed, and we move as one.

3 unique modalities designed to press pause on the stresses of everyday life. Each class driven by immersive lighting, intentional playlists and expert coaching.

The Therapy Experience

Let our expert ‘therapists’ guide you to a version of yourself you didn’t think possible. 

We understand that it’s not just about looking good, its about feeling good. 

Body, Mind and Soul. 

So put your phone on flight mode, take this time and ‘disconnect to reconnect’.


Book your mat in class online or in-app; you’ll come to realise your favourite spots in the space – so make sure you book early.

Our Connect classes are held in a heated room ( 35-40 C) so be prepared to sweat. A mat and sweat towel will be provided. Note: Connect Heal is not heated.


Connect Yang: 45-minutes of Hot Pilates fusion.
Connect Yin: 45-minutes of Hot Yoga fusion.
Connect Yang & Yin: 60-minutes combining both modalities.
Connect Heal: 45-minutes breathwork and sound-healing

These classes are the perfect balance of Yin and Yang, heart-raising cardio bursts and full body resistance teamed with moments of mindfulness and introspection.

Every class ends with a little bit of ‘me time’. Let the sweat roll of the body and the eyes close down, it’s Shavasana on steroids.

The infrared panels in our heated room help improve your recovery, promote relaxation and improved sleep while detoxifying the body.


Remember to arrive at your first class 15-minutes early so our instructor can guide you through the format and set you up with everything you need.


Water, water, water! Make sure you drink plenty before, during AND after class. This will not only keep you hydrated but aid in detoxification. Electrolytes are available to purchase after class to replenish your system.

Contraindications: Our Connect classes are held in an infrared heated room, it is not recommended to attend any of our heated or breathwork classes when pregnant. Please consult with your GP if you have any serious medical conditions.