Overcoming Gym Anxiety with Therapy Fitness

Written by: Kyle Riley, BSc (hons) Ex Sci, Therapy Co-Founder

Gym anxiety can be triggered by various factors, such as fear of judgment or feeling self-conscious. It’s important to recognise that these emotions are common and that many people experience them when starting a fitness routine. Knowing that you’re not alone can provide reassurance and help alleviate some of the anxiety, but for those needing additional support, we have provided some additional tips below to help eliminate the stress from beginning your fitness journey.


And, when you feel ready to step into a gym, why not come down to Therapy Fitness in Mermaid Waters and meet a supportive community dedicated to creating fitness experiences that focus on making people feel good!

Set Realistic Goals

Setting realistic and achievable fitness goals is crucial. Break down your goals into smaller milestones, this allows you to track your progress and celebrate each accomplishment. By focusing on achievable objectives, you’ll build confidence and motivation along the way. At Therapy Fitness, we understand that everyone’s fitness journey looks different and that the reasons people choose to exercise are sometimes more mental than physical. As a result, we don’t obsess over before and after photos, weighing or body scanning. Instead we choose to look at how exercise makes you feel and help you build consistency towards achieving your goals through finding the joy in movement.


  • Want to feel euphoria? Try our Rhythm Cycle classes. Spin classes driven to the beat of the music, working up a sweat has never felt so fun! 
  • Want to build mental resilience? Try out our RunLift class, functional strength training combined with treadmill intervals. This one will have those endorphins rushing
  • Want to bring the focus internally? Try Connect, our hot pilates/yoga fusion. Our Infrared heated room provides both a ‘Yang’ pilates workout and ‘Yin’ stretch and meditation session. 

Find Your Comfort Zone


Discovering activities that you enjoy and feel comfortable with can make a significant difference in overcoming gym anxiety. Explore a variety of different workouts and see how they make you feel. When you’re engaged and having fun, anxiety tends to fade away, and consistency with your gym routine increases when you actually like what you are doing. At Therapy Fitness we have specifically curated our workouts with immersive lighting and music to provide a sensory experience that will leave you wanting more! Additionally, working out in a dark room can feel like the attention is being taken away from you, allowing you to focus on your workout and reducing the stress you may feel from others watching you. 

Surround Yourself with a Supportive Community


Surrounding yourself with supportive people can provide additional encouragement on your fitness journey. Seek out workout buddies who share similar fitness goals and provide a sense of camaraderie. Engaging with like-minded individuals who understand your challenges can make the gym environment more welcoming and enjoyable, and working out in a group can provide that added level of motivation you need to show up! We understand the importance of physical activity and the impact it can have on reducing symptoms of anxiety and are super proud of our ‘Therapy Fam’ community for upholding our strong values of making everyone feel welcome, irrespective of where they they may be on their fitness journey. 



Develop a Consistent Routine


Building a consistent workout routine can help alleviate anxiety. Schedule regular workout times that fit your lifestyle and commit to them. Consistency creates familiarity and makes the gym environment feel more comfortable. Over time, as your routine becomes a habit, you’ll feel more at ease and confident in your fitness journey. At Therapy we provide additional features when scheduling a workout such as ‘book a spot’, which allows you to choose where you want to be in the room before class! Want to sit at the back in our Cycle classes? Not feeling like being front and center in our Hot Pilates room? No problem, simply choose a mat, bike or treadmill in a position of the room that feels most comfortable for you. 



Practice Self-Care


Remember to be kind to yourself throughout the process. Fitness is a personal journey, and setbacks are normal. Embrace self-compassion and celebrate your progress, no matter how small. Focus on the positive changes you’re making in your life, both physically and mentally. At Therapy, we understand that for so many, just walking through the door can be the most difficult part of the journey and are here to support you every step of the way in overcoming gym anxiety so that you can find consistency, joy and the incredible mental health benefits that movement provides.


We hope these tips help you in starting your fitness journey, and if you would like additional support, or would like to work out with a like-minded community, then why not come down to Therapy Fitness at Mermaid Waters and try a class! 


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