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Author name: Kyle Riley

Overcoming Gym Anxiety

Gym anxiety can be triggered by various factors, such as fear of judgment or feeling self-conscious. It’s important to recognise that these emotions are common and that many people experience them when starting a fitness routine. Knowing that you’re not alone can provide reassurance and help alleviate some of the anxiety, but for those needing additional support, we have provided some additional tips below to help you kick start your fitness journey.

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Move for your Mental Health

Regular exercise is an essential component of maintaining good physical health, but its benefits extend beyond physical fitness alone. Exercise has been linked to improved mental health, including reduced stress and depression symptoms, improved mood and quality of life, and better overall well-being. Currently, one in seven Australians experience depression in their lifetime and one quarter experience an anxiety condition, and although support-seeking appears to be growing at a rapid rate, it seems that exercise can be a cheap, accessible and effective component of treatment for people living with acute and chronic mental illness.

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Genetics, Weight Loss & Personalised Goals

Everyone is unique, from the 25,000 genes we possess through to the way those genes express (hair, eyes, skin colour etc.).

So, why is it that we continue to follow a one size fits all approach in all walks of life?

From following our favourite influencer’s ‘what I eat in a day’ through to images of what a ‘healthy body’ looks like. We are constantly told to search for the holy grail ‘one’ way to eat, move and think as well as who or what we should aspire to be.

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The Weekend Edition: Mermaid Waters Fitness Boutique

Getting yourself into a fitness routine that’s regular, makes you feel good and is worth getting out of bed for isn’t the easiest of feats. Mermaid Waters fitness studio Therapy Fitness is making working out simple – and fun – with three signature classes that are sure to have you sweating with a smile.

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Mens Health: The Coolest Workouts in Australia 2023

The concept was co-founded by international fitness personality Emma Masters and it will certainly be a destination for those both living in and visiting the Gold Coast. Every candle flicker, light and sound has been carefully curated to get members into the zone of their ideal workout for that day.

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